Magic Mobility has arrived to Healthcare 21

Healthcare 21 is delighted to announce that Magic Mobility is now part of the Sunrise Medical Group, of which we are the exclusive partner in the Republic of Ireland.  Magic Mobility are a proud Australian company who design and build power wheelchairs so active people can live the life they choose.

Magic is proud of pushing the boundaries of what power chairs can achieve, by being resolutely driven to meet the needs of their users.  The portfolio includes off road, all terrain, mid and front wheel drive chairs.

Magic initially started to develop highly mobile wheelchair bases that were capable of climbing kerbs and taking on rough and unpredictable terrain.  A series of successful wheelchair designs culminated in the development of the Extreme 4×4.  This was a pioneering world leader in outdoor mobility, shattering any preconceptions that people with disabilities couldn’t enjoy the most rugged of terrain.

Healthcare 21 is proud to have a team of 12 people across 32 counties to support this exciting new product range.  Please contact us today at to organise a demonstration or for further information.