Healthcare 21 supports Cork women and children’s shelter, Edel House

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of delivering bed sheets, towels, pillows and baby clothes to the Women’s Shelter, Edel House in Cork City. Edel House not only provides emergency accommodation for women and children. They also empower families to return to independent living. Over the past couple of months that we have worked with Edel House, there is one little five-year old girl who always comes to mind. She is a clever inquisitive little girl, who on every visit asks 50 questions and manages to charm everyone who works and resides there. Yesterday, her family received their new home and have left the shelter, having spent the past year there. It is a great success story as so many families aren’t so lucky. At present Edel House are planning to double their services in 2020 due to the huge demand on their facilities. Edel House also provide support to over 50 families in emergency B&B around the city and we are absolutely delighted to support such a worthy charity.