World class company

Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

  • We are responsible for bringing the best of local and international healthcare products to our doctors, nurses, caregivers and patients.
  • We endeavour to interact with our customers in a professional but caring manner.
  • We strive for operational excellence and to be effective and efficient in everything we do.
  • We will always aim to improve patient care outcomes by constantly seeking to improve the quality of our products and services and by expanding our portfolio.
  • We are committed to our staff and encourage all employees to take ownership of everything they do in our business, whilst they maintain a healthy work life balance.
  • We wish to support our local communities. We will assist local and national charities and will always aim to protect the environment in which we live and operate and to decrease our carbon footprint.
  • We will encourage and support the education of our customers in new and current healthcare technologies.
  • We will aim to grow our business by using innovation, creativity and by building open relationships with our suppliers. Our business must be profitable to be sustainable.
  • We will strive, in all aspects of our business to be remembered by our customers and our employees as the caring company.


Our Vision

  • Healthcare 21 is committed to helping patients improve their quality of life.
  • We believe that this can be achieved by offering innovative, cost effective solutions, products and services through mutually beneficial relationships between the healthcare profession, caregiver, patient and our organisation.


Our Values

  • Our Customers: We are committed to offering efficient and effective, innovative and creative products and customer service to meet the requirements of each of our customer’s individual needs.
  • Our People: We are committed to retaining a team of professional, passionate and energetic employees to whom we promise to offer a challenging and fulfilling working environment to and recognise their unique contribution.
  • Our Integrity: We are committed to operating to the highest ethical standards in compliance with all legislation, regulation and international best practice. We will operate in a fair and open manner and offer the highest quality products and services available to us.