World class company

Our People make us World Class

At the core of our organisation is a dynamic team of people. Healthcare 21 is committed to its staff and this is shown in the success of the business and the reputation of the organisation.

Whether it is in hospital, primary care, residential care, home care or retail pharmacy, each Healthcare 21 product specialist is professional, expert and committed to their appropriate healthcare sector.

A culture of respect, dedication and professionalism is nurtured with every member of our team, from in-house support staff to our product sales specialists and field engineers. Continual education, mentoring and personal development programmes are in place for all staff throughout the organisation to ensure that all staff reach their optimum potential and in doing so contribute to the overall achievement of the company goals and objectives.

Tara Kearney, Managing Director


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David Frederick, Managing Director


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David Plotts, Managing Director


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