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Dale Ace (Access controller for enteral) Connector

100% closed system universal connector provides in-line feeding, access for checking gastric residuals, suctioning, irrigation, and medication delivery, reducing the risk of potentially infectious splash back and cross-contamination.

  • Intuitive On/Off handle with built in positive
  • Connects to most feeding, OG, NG, suction and other stomach *(including PEG tubes)
  • Long lasting silicone adapter accepts all enteral feeding sets and bolus syringes with catheter
  • Removable silicone adapter. Also permits connection to suction drainage tubing if adapter is not available
  • Automatic syringe port seal eliminates splash back
  • Accepts most catheter-tipped syringes
  • DEHP Free
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Available in:
  • United Kingdom 0845 605 5521
  • Republic of Ireland +353 177 49751
  • Northern Ireland 028 2563 9823