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Optiray is a non-ionic X-ray contrast medium. It has no methyl groups (CH3-) with six hydroxyl groups (-OH) symmetrically arranged around the tri-iodinated benzene ring. Optiray contrast medium is available in a wide range of practice-orientated presentations.

General tolerability

Numerous cases reveal the tolerability of Optiray contrast medium, which is associated with the molecule’s high hydrophilicity, as being excellent. In 101,012 documented examinations in Radiology, Cardiology and Urology with this agent, no pain sensations were observed in 96.5% of the patients. Only slight or no sensation of heat was reported in 92.0% of the cases. Adverse drug reactions related to the contrast medium only occurred in 1.1% of all cases.

Neural tolerability

As the most hydrophilic of the marketed, monomeric X-ray contrast media, Optiray contrast medium also displayed good neural tolerability in animal experiments. These results were generated during studies to show the neurotoxicity of iodinated X-ray contrast media based on the effect of the blood-brain barrier of animals.

In a preclinical comparison of intracisternal toxicity with Iohexol and Iopamidol, Optiray contrast medium had the lowest toxicity. This corresponds to the ranking of their water/octanol distribution coefficients.

Renal tolerability

One clinical and several animal studies were performed and they showed an increase in plasma endothelin after contrast agent administration associated with a decrease of renal function. The change in GFR (glomerular filtrationrate) for Optiray contrast medium foundin an isolated rat kidney model was less,or similar to other agents tested (iopromide,iotrolan). It was concluded to be causedby the release of endothelin mediated by the contrast media. It has been proposed that contrast media with high hydrophilicity initiates less endothelin release and are consequently less nephrotoxic.

With no detectable difference in serum creatinine and blood urea nitrogen levels between physiological saline and Optiray contrast medium, good renal tolerability was demonstrated in normal subjects.

Cardiac tolerability

Cardioangiography places particularly high demands on X-ray contrast media. The most important parameter is the lowest possible effect on the cardiovascular system. This is especially true for patients with impaired cardiac function. Optiray contrast medium meets these demands as has been demonstrated in clinical studies:

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