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Optivantage™ DH & Optiray® Pre-filled

Ready to-use injections of contrast media are known to increase patient safety1. Quicker, cleaner and more efficient, the OPTIVANTAGE™ DH together with pre-filled syringes of OPTIRAY® reduces administration and mislabelling errors.

Studies show that wrong dosing and administrating wrong drugs makes up 45% of radiological errors2. In addition the use of pre-filled syringes reduces microbial contamination during preparation and administration.

• Easy to use

• Reduction of air embolisms3

• Saves time allowing to optimise patient turnover3

• Decreased potential risk of breakage1

• Reduced packaging wastage1

• Reduction of administration error

(injection of incorrect medication and/or dosage)1

• Reduce the possibility of contamination3

• Faceplate for pre-filled syringes for easy loading and removal

• More efficient inventory management

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