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JOBST Elvarex

No1 flat-knit garment on prescription

JOBST Elvarex is a range of flat-knit compression garments for the treatment of lymphoedema. They are available on prescription in all conceivable variants. A high working pressure to resting pressure ratio, guarantees effective mobilisation of oedema and improves lymph drainage. The high air permeability and breathability of the fabric makes JOBST Elvarex very pleasant to wear.

The flat-knit garments are manufactured to suit the patient’s individual measurements therefore providing the best possible fit which is critical for a product that has to be worn daily. The coarse-knitted loops ensure the garment lies flat over skinfolds (constrictions can lead to wounds and infections). The special knitted fabric, as well as providing “pressure assistance”, exerts a micro-massage effect on the skin during wear. This is considered to contribute towards eliminating the fibrosis in phase II of Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy. Furthermore, the activity of the very fine lymph vessels below the skin is stimulated.

Measuring information

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