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Kangaroo™ Enteral Feeding Pump ENPlus Feeding Sets


Why choose Kangaroo™ Enteral Feeding Pumps:

Covidien Kangaroo™ ePump and Kangaroo™ Joey enteral feeding pumps can be programmed to deliver the optimal amount of nutrition and pre-programmed hydration, helping to ensure patients stay well-nourished, perfectly hydrated and safe.

Easy to use and simple to program, Covidien Kangaroo™ ePump and Joey enteral feeding pumps can be programmed to automatically flush the feed line, keeping it ready for the next nutritional delivery.

This unique combined system reduces the likelihood of obstructions occurring in the tube and the resultant need to replace feeding tubes – costly in both time and patient comfort.

Both pumps incorporate:

• Continuous and Intermittent feeding modes

• ATM-style interface to make programming intuitive

• Large screen displays for easy and quick visualisation

• Simple set loading procedures with auto and manual priming options

• DEHP-free, anti free-flow sets and multiple alarm options for enhanced patient safety

• A range of pump sets to provide flexibility in terms of choice of feed for your patients

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