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Actimove® FootLift Stabilising Leaf Spring AFO

This specially designed ankle foot orthosis helps to correct foot drop and gives a strong feeling of safety and comfort.

Made of polypropylene and fabricated in a predorsiflexed position,

Actimove® FootLift enables physiological walking and reduces the risk of stumbling.

Suitable for Peroneal paralysis, drop foot secondary to neurological pathologies caused by stroke,cerebral palsy or trauma

Product Benefits and Design Features

  • Anatomical fit for enhanced comfort
  • The low profile foot plate supports the foot enabling a physiological flexing action during walking.
  • Adjustable calf band allows fitting at three height levels to suit a broad range of patients
  • The non-slip calf padding provides good cushioning for a soft, comfortable fit during everyday activities.
  • Soft, rounded edges prevent pressure points for improved patient comfort and compliance
  • Easy to use, soft calf strap with hook and loop closure for quick and easy adjustment
  • Slim design for a good fit, even in small ladies shoes
  • Easily cleaned with a damp cloth & any excess material can be easily trimmed and smoothed
  • Easily modified with a heat gun (at 150-160°C/ 300-320°F) for an individual fit
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Available in:
  • Republic of Ireland +353 177 49751