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Actimove® Gauntlet Thumb & Wrist Brace

Actimove® Gauntlet is a functional thumb and wrist support for the treatment of light to moderate injuries or chronic instability problems at the thumb.

Suitable for:

• Tendonitis of thumb (e.g. de Quervain’s syndrome)

• Rheumatoid arthritis

• MCP and CMC dislocations of the thumb

• Sprain of the thumb (skier’s thumb or goalkeepers thumb)

• Treatment of suspected scaphoid fractures


Product Benefits and Design Features

  • Soft neoprene thumb cover offers good patient fit & allows for good blood circulation
  • Pre-shaped and removable metal stays for both wrist and thumb provides excellent support and position for wrist and thumb
  • Can be adjusted to suit patient’s clinical needs or for improved fit
  • Washable brace when metal stays are removed
  • Anatomically shaped contour distal brace edge fits under the palmar crease giving free flexion of MCP joints
  • Contoured at the ulnar aspect of the hand so there is no squeezing of the MCP’s
  • High coverage of dorsal aspect of the hand restricts wrist extension and prevents swelling at the dorsum of the hand.
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Available in:
  • Republic of Ireland +353 177 49751