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Oscimed 2000 Plaster Saw

The Oscimed 2000 is a lightweight, low noise ergonomic saw.

It is extensively used throughout the world and is recommended for its ease of use.

With a 24 volt brushless motor it is very safe to use and incorporates instant blade change without the use of tools.


  • Saws are ergonomically designed to be light and can be used single handed.
  • Blades are designed to be changed instantly.
  • Blades have a noise supressing central core.
  • Adjustable guide and depth gauge.
  • Tough Construction for intensive use.
  • Swiss manufactured to the highest quality.
  • Extraction units with 2 speeds and  4 levels of filtration (including 2 filters to HEPA standards) to 0.3 micron.
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Available in:
  • Republic of Ireland +353 177 49751