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BIS Technology

Given the complexity of the decisions you face, it makes sense to incorporate the added security of BIS monitoring into your practice.

Used in millions of procedures requiring anesthesia, BIS technology can provide insight into the direct and patient-specific effects of anesthesia on the brain.

BIS technology backs you up with proven brain monitoring.



Improving quality and safety for a variety of patients:

BIS offers you added security in providing specialized care and comfort for your patients, including those who may be more sensitive to the hemodynamic effects of anesthesia.

BIS provides valuable information about the status of your patients to help address their unique anesthetic requirements.

This may be particularly valuable for:

• Patients with complex conditions whose status may suddenly or frequently change

• Patients with cardiovascular conditions

• Obese patients

• Trauma patients or others requiring reduced levels of anesthesia


How BIS works:

• Raw EEG data are obtained through a sensor placed on the patient’s forehead

• The BIS system processes the EEG information and calculates a number between 0 and 100 that provides a direct measure of the patient’s level of consciousness

• A BIS value of 100 indicates the patient is fully awake

• A BIS value of 0 indicates the absence of brain activity


Insight into brain responses:

• BIS can help clarify the distinction between brain and spinal cord responses, enabling you to manage anesthetic goals of hypnosis, analgesia, and immobility

• Because BIS measures electrical activity in the brain, it provides a direct correlation with depth of consciousness (hypnosis)

• Responses to surgical stimulation are frequently indicators of the need for additional analgesia. These responses are often mediated in the spinal cord.

• BIS enables you to assess consciousness and sedation separately from cardiovascular reactivity


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