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Cerebral Somatic Oximetry


INVOS Cerebral / Somatic System


As the only simultaneous cerebral/somatic oximeter available, the INVOS Cerebral / Somatic System provides regional oxygen saturation (rSO2) a simple, more sensitive indicator of ischemic complications.

The INVOS Cerebral / Somatic System enables placement of up to four site-specific oxygenation sensors so you can detect and correct problems before they escalate—often earlier than with systemic vitals.

Somanetics brings you… A Better Vital Sign Two or four-channel monitoring modes:

• Augment cerebral monitoring with somatic monitoring

• More closely identify and manage regional oxygenation issues

• Ability to place up to four sensors for noninvasive, real-time blood oxygenation data on areas that interest you most

• Provide more objective data for use in customizing patient care


Other Enhancements:

• Larger screen display for easier viewing

• Video output to a second, remote monitor for visibility by the broader care team

• Improved data downloading via USB

• Enhanced user preferences

• Signal strength indicator to better reflect interference

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