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Oximax™ Pulse Oximetry – The digital memory difference


Pulse based SpO2 monitoring offers advantages over conventional SpO2 monitoring by providing a real time detection of cardiac arrest.


The Nellcor™ brand has always placed the qualification of the pulse as mandatory in every generation of pulse oximeters to ensure the best protection for your most critical patients.

  • Each Oximax sensor contains a unique digital memory chip
  • When connected to an Oximax monitor, the system will help you more effectively monitor your patients in the most challenging situations


LoSat™ : Industry leading accuracy

  • This LoSat expanded accuracy feature helps you to manage patients more effectively in the lowest saturation ranges, such as infants with congenital heart disease

Sensor Messages

  • Communicates troubleshooting tips for optimal sensor placement

Sensor Event Report

  • Allows alarm event history to travel with the patient for quick assessment at various points of care

Oximax Pulse Oximetry Platform

Selecting the Oximax pulse oximetry platform enables you to access specialty sensors for unique patient needs

• Max-Fast™, a forehead sensor, for faster response time for critical patients

• SoftCare™, a nonadhesive sensor, to eliminate adhesive related skin trauma

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