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Delta-Cast® Soft (White)

Delta-Cast® Soft is a non-fibreglass flexible casting tape designed to provide functional support to fractures and soft tissue injuries.

Its semi rigidity allows for flexibility and mobility, helping to reduce immobilisation related problems such as muscle atrophy and joint stiffness.

This improved flexibility and mobility can result in a faster healing process.


Delta-Cast® Soft is constructed using a unique combination of high-tech polyester, polypropylene and elastane yarns together with a specially developed resin.

This advanced technology builds safety, functopnality and comfort into a product offering all the advantages only a non-fibreglass casting tape can offer.


3 Way Stretch/Excellent Conformability

  • Ease of handling on application
  • Allows for a perfect fit around difficult body contours with a wrinkle free application
  • Enhanced fit and support for the patient and a far more effective treatment


  • Superior durability which maintains cast functionality
  • Highly durable, reducing time and costs for the cast room associated with repair

Versatile Application

  • Designed for both customised removable casts and circular applications, Delta-Cast® Soft can easily be trimmed to shape, producing an optimal fit for the patient
  • Can be combined with hook and loop straps for removable application, or with reinforcement materials for stronger support

100% Radiolucent

  • Allows clear X-ray images for diagnosis, cast does not need to be removed, offering cost & time savings


  • Minimises the negative effect of total rigod immobilisation; muscle atrophy, joint stiffness and other immobilisation related issues
  • Improved circulation, a faster healing process and a shorter rehabilitation period

Excellent Lamination

  • Excellent lamination of layers produces a strong, well bonded cast
  • Good end lay down provides a secure finish to cast

Ease of Removal

  • Can be removed by lifting and unpeeling
  • Can be removed using regular cast scissors, no cast saw required


  • Available in a range of colours: White, Blue, Red, Black


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Available in:
  • Republic of Ireland +353 177 49751