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Soffban® Plus Undercast Padding

Soffban Plus Undercast Padding provides an excellent cushioning and padding structure and creates a material which is light, deep, stable and has good airflow.

The synthetic non-absorbent material reduces the risk of skin maceration and sensitivity.

Product Benefits and Design Features

  • Suitable for both Plaster of Paris and synthetic casts
  • Material allows moisture to drain away from the skin
  • Odour controlling agent prevents bacteria from multiplying, reducing the source of cast odour
  • Excellent conformability around body contours
  • Protects the patients with a reduced risk of skin abrasions
  • Soft and gentle on patient’ skin
  • Blends to give a smooth even finish
  • Autoclavable, can be sterilised
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Available in:
  • Republic of Ireland +353 177 49751