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Ceiling Track Hoists

Ceiling Tack Hoists are a major contributor to quality of life and can often enable a person to remain in or return to their homes where otherwise hospitalisation would be necessary. A ceiling track hoist is quick and easy to use

It is never in the way, and always where you need it. Because of this constant availability, it is more likely to be used by caregivers than a mobile hoist, which may not be to hand immediately when it is required.

Positioning a person is easier with a ceiling track hoist. It eliminates the risk of back injury for caregivers when performing a transfer and requires minimum effort to operate . In most cases it can be operated by one person, there is much closer contact between the user and the caregiver and can be more dignified in use than other solutions. A person is more easily positioned using the ceiling track hoist, as they can be raised lowered turned and traversed with no physical effort from the caregiver.


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