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Wheelchair Back Cushion Vicair Multifunctional Back

The best back support for users of manual tilt-in-space wheelchairs and powerchairs


  • Optimal immersion when using a solid back wheelchair
  • Easy to adjust with the user still leaning against the cushion
  • Optimal pressure redistribution

Excellent pressure redistribution, comfort and support make the wheelchair back cushion Vicair Multifunctional back perfect for use in a large variety of situations. It can be used in several types of back systems and in tilt-in-space chairs with adjustable seat depth. The back cushion is easily fixed onto the solid backrest by use of Velcro. Although it already automatically adapts to the body’s contours, the cushion can also be adjusted for optimal positioning, while the user is still leaning against the cushion. Optionally available is a head support cushion, for comfort and pressure redistribution.


The Vicair Multifunctional back is a wheelchair back cushion that helps prevent pressure ulcers. It is also a high quality addition to a pressure ulcer treatment plan (stage I-IV).

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