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Enhanced Direct Laryngoscope

McGRATH® MAC Enhanced Direct Laryngoscope


Maximize your chance of first-attempt success. Before you intubate, you prepare for every eventuality.


MAC enhanced direct laryngoscope (EDL) as your primary laryngoscope for every intubation.


With one line of sight, you get direct and indirect visualization using the traditional direct laryngoscopy technique.

By providing both direct and inline video views, the McGRATH® MAC enhanced direct laryngoscope helps you identify and respond to unpredicted difficult airway cases faster with fewer attempts, and confirm intubation success sooner with greater confidence.


Uses standard direct laryngoscopy technique, while an anterior camera provides an enhanced view along a single line of sight.


Offers improved access to the patient’s airway with a slim blade profile and without the excessive curve of most video laryngoscopes.


Includes a 250-minute battery with a minute-by-minute on-screen charge countdown that confirms device battery life.


Drop tested to two meters, the McGRATH® MAC EDL can endure rough handling in a

fast-paced medical environment and still perform.


Provides sterile integrity with disposable blades and is fully immersible, both screen and handle can be treated with high-level disinfection.