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Speaking Valve

Shiley™ Speaking Valve provides easier vocalisation for tracheostomy patients.


It is designed for use on alert, awake tracheostomy patients who can breathe independently without assisted mechanical ventilation.  It connects to the tracheostomy tube and directs airflow past the vocal cords to facilitate speech.

The Shiley Speaking Valve permits easier vocalization without finger occlusion, which may cause hygiene and infection concerns.

Directing airflow through the oral and nasal chambers also decreases secretions and improves swallowing and sense of smell.

  • Valve design minimizes work of breathing
  • Lightweight valve minimizes additional pressure on the stoma site
  • Attaches securely to any tracheostomy tube with a 15 mm connector
  • Convenient, hinged cap allows for easy cleaning
  • Option with supplemental oxygen port
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