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Sensory Space System

If you cannot find an appropriate space to make a sensory room, the ‘Sensory Space System’ is one way of creating a dedicated space within any classroom or communal area. You can create a haven of tranquility within the cluttered classroom, a dark space in a bright area, or a themed grotto within a larger environment.

sensory space system

The Sensory Space System

  • Can be constructed within a few hours.
  • Is completely self supporting.
  • Can be made to any size and height to suit the available space.
  • Has an integral ceiling grid to hang mobiles and light equipment.
  • A wide range of colours and surface types are available.
  • Has a blackout fabric roof.
  • Can have door width or full width entrance with blackout or projection curtains.
  • Can be provided as an empty shell or a fully fitted sensory space, including:
    – power supply and sockets
    – Switch2 control system
    – storage cabinet and shelves
    – any sensory equipment which can be fitted into a standard room

We provide a complete consultation, design, manufacture, installation, training and maintenance service.



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Sensory Space
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