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Mon-a-Therm™ Temperature Probes and Sensors


  • Mon-a-Therm temperature probes and sensors monitor patient temperature safely and accurately
  • Mon-a-Therm products can be used with the majority of existing monitoring systems
  • Interface cables for most systems are available. They are also YSI 400 compatible
  • Improved hygiene and minimized risk of cross contamination
  • Latex free
  • Monitoring of central and body surface temperature at a variety of sites

General Purpose Temperature Probe

  • For oesophagus, nasopharyngeal or rectal placement
  • The satin slip surface ensures easy, atraumatic insertion

Foley Catheter with Temperature Sensors

  • Measuring precise core body temperature combined with urinary bladder drainage
  • Silicone construction ensures durability, reduces irritation and resists encrustation

Oesophageal Stethoscope with Temperature Probe

  • Soft thin cuff provide outstanding clarity of heart and lung sounds
  • Depth markings aid proper placement

Skin Temperature Probe

  • Increased accuracy via the foam pad which reduces environmental temperature influences
  • Hypoallergenic adhesive for optimal patient comfort

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