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Cutimed® Sorbact®

Cutimed Sorbact is the first wound dressing that binds microbes irreversibly due to a coating of DACC (dialkylcarbamoylchloride) – a hydrophobic fatty acid.  Most bacteria and fungi found within a wound are also hydrophobic. In the moist environment of a wound, bacteria and fungi irreversibly bind to the dressings.

Cutimed Sorbact is effective in all wounds where the primary goal is to reduce bacterial burden, regardless of their aetiology including:

a) chronic wounds e.g. diabetic foot, leg and pressure ulcers

b) post-operative dehisced wounds

c) traumatic wounds

d) after incision or excision of fistulae or abscesses

It can also be used prophylactically.


Cutimed Sorbact is available in a wide variety of sizes as a Dressing Pad, Swab, Round Swab or Ribbon.

Cutimed Sorbact
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