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Sorbion Sachet EXTRA

Sorbion Sachet EXTRA binds and retains large quantities of wound exudate and detrimental agents which are damaging to the wound bed.

Sorbion Sachet EXTRA dressings are produced utilising innovative methods resulting in a hydration response technology core – a unique composition of selected active components: cellulose fibres and gel-forming polymers.


Sorbion sachet EXTRA 2


Clinical benefits


Supported by excellent clinical and cost effective evidence


  • Outstanding exudate absorption capacity and retention
  • Can be used effectively under compression
  • Management of proteases, cytokines and free radicals
  • Reduction of bacterial load
  • Soft debridement
  • Maintains dressing integrity
  • Helps to reduce odour
  • Peri-wound protection helps prevent maceration and excoriation
  • Easy to apply
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Provides up to 4 days wear time
  • May be utilised on a wide range of indications
  • No need to layer up dressings


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