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Sorbion Sana Gentle

Atraumatic Wound Healing

Sorbion Sana Gentle combines a hydration response technology core and a unique 3D wound contact layer to support tissue development. Sorbion Sana Gentle is indicated as a primary dressing for low to highly exuding wounds of varying aetiologies and is hypoallergenic, making it an ideal dressing for all patients even those with contact sensitivities.

Hydration response technology binds two specially selected active components that work together to help absorb and retain large quantities of wound exudate and detrimental agents, which are damaging the wound.

  • Outstanding exudate absorption capacity and retention
  • Tissue protection – minimises pain and trauma
  • Hypoallergenic – ideal for sensitive skin
  • Cost effective – up to 7 days wear time Easy application – dual sided
  • Promotes fast healing
  • No need for wound contact layer
  • No need to layer-up dressings
  • Can be used effectively under compression
  • Peri-wound protection helps prevent maceration and excoriation
Sorbion Sana Gentle
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