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Leukosan Adhesive

A leading solution for topical wound closure, Leukosan Adhesive provides a strong and reliable method of closure, to benefit both patient and practitioner.

  • High viscosity
    • Easy, precise and safe to apply
    • Stays in place, even in tricky areas
    • One layer suffices to provide strong, reliable wound closure
  • Flexible and reliable
    • Flexes to the skin to provide reliable adaption
    • Acts as a protective film for a lasting microbial and waterproof barrier
    • Increased patient comfort
  • Polymerisation is triggered within seconds by skin moisture
    • Quick wound closure without need for additional activators
  • Low exothermic reaction
    • Negligible heat sensation on the skin
  • Aluminium tube
    • No retraction of adhesive / secretion into applicator after pressure release
    • Provides convenient and exact application
  • Two applicator tips
    • Fine tip for precise application
    • Sponge tip applicator for wider protective film
  • Storage at room temperature (up to 30º)
  • Two years shelf life


  • Closure of topical incisions, cuts and lacerations with little or no tension, ideal in the operating theatre or in the emergency department
  • Wounds in problem areas where flexion occurs (between fingers or toes, on elbows or knees)
  • Additional infection control on incisions and lacerations closed with sutures, strips or staples
  • Topical closure of deeper wounds after prior use of subcutaneous sutures

Leukosan Adhesive product shot

Leukosan Adhesive


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