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AssetTrack is a web based online software application used to record value added and every movement of an appliance.

All details from how the appliance was decontaminated (i.e. Temperatures, levels of disinfectant, staff member, date and time, etc), when it was serviced (i.e. service/repair history, parts used, costs of repair, serial numbers, asset numbers, etc) right through to whom had the appliance and where it is currently.

AssetTrack provides a single track and trace solution ensuring all aspects of a product lifecycle are recorded to give a true and accurate life cost of the product.

Each and every piece of equipment that passes through our facility is assigned a unique identifier in the form of a barcode, which is attached to the equipment during processing.

As equipment is decontaminated a process history is built up and stored under that unique barcode number.

This information is invaluable when making procurement decisions on different product types as it gives an idea of how often and easily a product is recycled.

Decontamination Services


Decontamination Services