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Aquilant Divisions

Aquilant is a leading provider of specialist healthcare and scientific products and services, providing outsourced sales, marketing, distribution and engineering for the medical and scientific sectors.

Aquilant's promise to its customers is two-fold. For agency clients we promise that we will promote, distribute and manage their brands as if they were our own and we will do so as their partner, always adding value to what we do. For the healthcare professionals we work with, we promise that they will receive Aquilant's expert service and support to achieve the very best outcomes for their patients.

The new Aquilant brand supports these promises and will help to achieve our ambition to become the leading market services organisation for the specialist healthcare and scientific sectors. The new name is inspired by the family name of one of the most powerful birds in the world: the aquila eagle. We are confident that in time the Aquilant name will come to be associated with the outstanding products and expertise that characterise the company.

Aquilant Analytical Sciences

A major supplier of Analytical Instrumentation and associated services and supplies to Ireland's Analytical, Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Educational, Regulatory & Research Laboratories.

Aquilant Critical Care

Offical distributors of CareFusion Ventilation and associated consumable products in the UK.

Aquilant Endoscopy

UK Distributors of the Fujifilm range of endoscopic products.

Aquilant International Medicines

Operate as partners to pharma and biotech companies to provide patients access to therapies which can fulfil unmet clinical needs.

Aquilant Interventional

A supplier of leading edge medical device products for existing broad-stream diagnosis and therapies, as well as new technologies for developing therapies.

Aquilant Medical

Distributors of Critical Care devices and Surgical-related capital equipment and consumables.

Aquilant Netherlands

A leading supplier of Interventional product to the Netherlands.

Aquilant Nursing Care

A leading supplier to the Private Care Home Sector in Northern Ireland, offering a choice of quality products, efficient customer service and first rate service and support.

Aquilant Orthopaedics

The UK supplier of the Waldemar LINK® range of Implants and Instruments, Advanced Orthopaedic Solutions® range of Trauma Fixation Solutions and the Stille® range of Surgical Instruments along with the range of Coremus™ Extraction Kits.

Aquilant Pharmaceuticals

Provide cutting edge sales and marketing, distribution and customer service for pharmaceutical companies seeking a successful presence in the Irish market.

Aquilant Scientific

A leading provider of specialist scientific products and services, providing outsource sales, marketing, distribution and engineering for the scientific sectors.

Aquilant Surgical

A world-leading companies in the Gynaecology, Upper Gastrointestinal, Colorectal Surgery and Cardiac Surgery sectors, distributing products to British hospitals.