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At Healthcare 21 we have partnered with leading medical device manufactures including Cardinal Health, Medtronic and Dale Medical to provide a comprehensive Medical offering of Electrocardiography, Enteral Feeding, Dialysis, Infection Prevention & Control, Thermometry, Vascular Access and VTE Prophylaxis to deliver clinical excellence and support improved patient outcomes.

We have dedicated sales, marketing and engineering teams to provide education, clinical support and technical engineering to support our product offerings in both the acute and community setting.

VTE Prophylaxis

Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) remains a persistent, preventable and poorly prophylaxed condition, with a high number of cases occurring during hospitalisation.

Healthcare 21 has partnered with Cardinal Health to provide a VTE Prophylaxis solution of Kendall™ Sequential Compression Device (SCD) System and T.E.D.™ Anti-Embolism Stockings. Our dedicated sales and marketing team providing ongoing education, training and support along with our service engineering team to provide a customisable solution for all our customers.



Healthcare 21 has partnered with Medtronic to provide an extensive range of Acute, Chronic and Peritoneal dialysis catheters, which are designed to improve flow rates, reduce the risk of clotting, increase patient comfort and provide ease of use for clinicians. These catheters help you meet the clinical demands of treating patients who need hemodialysis, apheresis, infusion, central venous pressure monitoring and high-pressure contrast injection.

Enteral Feeding

Healthcare 21 has partnered with Cardinal Health and Dale Medical to provide enteral feeding solutions that are safe, innovative and support paediatric and adult enteral feeding needs, consisting of an enteral feed and flush pump, giving sets and accessories. Healthcare 21 has a dedicated Enteral Feeding team who with their expertise and passion for improving patient outcomes, deliver an exemplary package of education and training tailored to both our customers and clients needs in both primary and secondary care settings.

Medical Consumables

Healthcare 21 provides a range of Medical Consumables solutions that keep patients safe and improve the quality of care across a range of clinical settings.


Healthcare 21 offers a robust line of Electrocardiography products for all clinical applications including resting, diagnostic, monitoring, stress test, X-ray, MRI and special application electrodes. This extensive range includes neonatal, paediatric and adult solutions across a range of different dimensions and packaging configurations. Our disposable monitoring accessories including single-use ECG cables and lead wires help minimise cross-contamination between patients.

Infection Prevention & Control

Healthcare 21 provides a range of effective, safe, hygienic and cost efficient Infection Prevention & Control products. Our specialised and experienced team can advise you with the right solution that best suits your needs across a range of clinical settings.

Safety Needles & Accessories

Healthcare 21 offers a full portfolio of safe, easy-to-use medication delivery solutions designed to help protect healthcare workers and patients against needle stick injuries and to prevent exposure to blood borne pathogens. Our partner Cardinal Health’s safety devices are designed according to OSHA-preferred product design standards. Our range consists of Magellan™ Safety Needles, Monoject™ Tuberculin and Insulin Syringes and Safety I.V Access.


Healthcare 21 provides a complete range of tympanic, oral/axillary and rectal thermometers as well as all of the necessary components and accessories to help you provide better patient care through fast and accurate temperature measurement. Our dedicated sales, marketing and educational support team provide ongoing education, training and support on all devices in both the acute and community setting.

Vascular Access

A unique portfolio of innovative products that are both clinically effective and cost efficient. Working closely with our partners, the Critical Care and Vascular Access teams bring a wealth of experience to support you and your patients. Our dedicated team of product and clinical specialists are on hand with their expertise and passion for improving patient outcomes to deliver an exemplary package of education and training tailored to your individual needs. Healthcare 21 prides itself on partnering with innovators and we are proud to bring to you these unique ‘first to market’ products.
  • SecurAcath the first and only subcutaneous engineered stabilisation device
  • SecurePort IV the first and only tissue adhesive licensed for vascular access lines
  • AirGlove the first and only dedicated patient warming system to aid vascular access

Warranty & Aftersales

The HC21 Acute Service Team provide a full Warranty and After Sales Service on all Medical Devices distributed (either sold or on loan).
Our highly experienced Engineers undertake full Manufacturer Training on all products and are recertified regularly.  HC21 offers a comprehensive range of services including Installation, Operational Advice, Essential Upgrades, Corrective Maintenance, Repair and Breakdown Support and Annual/Biannual PM Service Contracts and Calibration designed to maintain the optimal performance of each device.  All work is completed in line with Manufacturer Approved Procedures and only OEM parts are used. Our continual aim is to minimise downtime for the customer, including the provision of loan equipment if required.  We use our Asset Management System, AssetTrak, to track and trace each process/movement that occurs to each Device [See the Asset Management Section] and a full Service/Repair Report is furnished to the customer every time a device is seen by the Engineering Team. Electrical Safety Tests conducted in line with IEC 60601 are completed as required.  All test equipment used by the Team is maintained and calibrated to the required standards annually and calibration certificates can be provided if requested.