Our specialists routinely partner with the leading names in medical technology  to demonstrate the latest generation of equipment, and best practice. From showcasing Fujifilm’s endoscopy equipment in Barcelona, to delivering ohands-on training to both experienced and aspiring clinicians, we leave no stone unturned in providing opportunities for career development.

View our calendar of events, exhibitions, and training workshops for more information, and to make an enquiry, contact a member of our team here.

Paediatric Emergencies 2020

3 Days – Conference/Exhibition Riddel Hall, Belfast Healthcare 21 is proud to be supporting the...
March 4, 2020


HC21 and Aquilant will be exhibiting at this year’s EBME Expo in Milton Keynes. Due...
March 4, 2020

SSG / BSG Endoscopy Quality Improvement Meeting

Following the successful 2019 Aberdeen SSG/BSG EQIP event, this year’s SSG / BSG Endoscopy Quality...
March 4, 2020

Stoke ERCP Symposium 2020

The two-day event, from 26th to 27th march 2020, aimed to address the clinical and...
March 4, 2020

Events diary and booking

September 2020

London AEM (postponed)

September 3, 2020Postponed
Conference & Exhibitions / Endoscopy/GI Intervention

EBME Expo (postponed from May 2020)

September 3, 2020All Day
Conference & Exhibitions / Servicing

Electronic and Biomedical Engineering Conference & Exhibition
The EBME (electronic and biomedical engineering) conference and exhibition started in 2009 as a way of improving ...


London Breast Meeting (LBM) (postponed until Feb 2021)

September 9, 2020Postponed

Sheffield International Endoscopy Symposium

September 18, 2020All Day
Conference & Exhibitions / Endoscopy/GI Intervention

Portsmouth ESD Workshop

September 22, 2020
Endoscopy/GI Intervention / Training


September 23, 2020All Day
CCR / Conference & Exhibitions