AT-OS Bedpan Washers, Drying Cabinets & Furniture

AT-OS Bedpan Washers, Drying Cabinets & Furniture

AT-OS is an International leader in the design and production of washing and disinfecting machines for medical devices, endoscope drying cabinets & stainless-steel furniture for operating rooms and CSSD.

[Available in Republic Of Ireland and Northern Ireland]


  • Standalone, counter-top & under counter bedpan washers available
  • Multiwasher Function
  • ACS – Air Cooling System
  • HDS – High Disinfection System
  • ENC – Electronic Nozzles Control
  • Automatic Door
  • Handsfree starting


  • Machine for all customer needs
  • Can clean other utensils & containers in addition to bedpans & urine bottles
  • Condenses the steam in the chamber whilst drying & cooling the utensils
  • Special AT-OS disinfection program with direct spraying appliance against CLOSTRIDIUM DIFFICILE bacterium. Test approved by the German University of Bonn.
  • Intelligent control of water flow, pressure and injection system to improve the washing performance.
  • Foot pedal & optical sensor opening
  • Cycle activation by elbow button

AF2 Professional Line