Cutimed® Sorbact® gel

Cutimed® Sorbact® gel

Sorbact Technology-coated swab and hydrogel dressings

Cutimed Sorbact gel dressings reduce bacterial load in a wound by combining Cutimed Sorbact swab with an amorphous hydrogel to support moist wound healing in lower exuding or sloughy wounds.

How it works:

Hydrophobic interaction is a basic physical principle. Hydrophobic substances and organisms attract and bind to each other in an aqueous environment and are held together by the forces of the surrounding water molecules.

Cutimed Sorbact dressings are coated with Sorbact Technology, a hydrophobic fatty acid derivative which gives the dressings their highly hydrophobic properties. In the moist environment of an infected wound, bacteria are attracted to the dressing and become irreversibly bound to it. Pathogenic wound bacteria and fungi also display hydrophobic properties so will readily attach to the dressings.

Removing the dressing removes the bound bacteria which cannot multiply or escape once bound to the dressing fibres.

Ordering Codes

BSN Code Size Pack Qty
72611-00 7.5cm x 7.5cm 1 x 10
72611-01 7.5cm x 15cm 1 x 100


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