H/S Elliptosphere™

H/S Elliptosphere™

The safe and simple answer for both Sonohysterography and Hysterosalpingography

  • Patented Elliptosphere balloon affords complete clinical control with minimal patient discomfort
  • Control of balloon contour and volume permits secure placement in the cervical canal or uterine cavity for optimal visualization
  • Catheter can be used with oil- or saline-based medium
  • Unique balloon design prevents retrograde leakage of distension media, which facilitates peak uterine distention
  • Latex-free construction
  • Small catheter size enables placement next to ultrasound probe
  • Available in two versions, with and without an integrated stylet

The Elliptosphere’s contour and volume control facilitate atraumatic placement in the cervical canal

Unique, patented polyurethane non-latex balloon is elliptical at low volume for placement in the cervical canal for optimal visualization of the uterine cavity, including the lower uterine  segment. At full volume, the balloon becomes round for placement at the internal os for complete uterine visualization.

Saline-infused sonohysterography dramatically increases diagnostic yield

The slow infusion of saline into the uterus during transvaginal ultrasound can greatly enhance the depiction of uterine pathology. This procedure, known as Hysterosonography or Sonohysterography, is now made simple and atraumatic with the balloon-bearing H/S Elliptosphere Catheter Set, so it’s easily performed in an office or hospital. Unlike earlier catheters, the balloon can be distended preferentially to maximize visualization and minimize discomfort for individualized patient care.