HydroFlex Microplate Washer

HydroFlex Microplate Washer

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The HydroFlex microplate washer is a truly flexible platform that offers excellent automated microplate strip washing and vacuum filtration performance for 96-well microplate formats.

This modular and upgradeable platform is ideal for a wide range of cell-, enzyme- and DNA-based applications in academia, biotech, pharma and clinical diagnostics, reflecting over 30 years of Tecan expertise in advanced liquid handling.

Integrated application flexibility

The multifunctional HydroFlex microplate washer offers far greater flexibility than a standard plate microplate washer, and features user-interchangeable plate carriers for easy switching between washing and filtration applications to allow:

  • ELISA washing for improved consistency and reliability.
  • Gentle washing of cell-based assays with adherent or weakly adherent cells.
  • Microplate array washing for protein and antibody arrays.
  • Vacuum filtration to waste for PCR clean up after DNA amplification, etc.
  • Magnetic bead washing using MBS carrier.


  • Compact and modular design, suitable for a range of applications and laboratories
  • Ready for automated washing of ELISAs, cells and protein arrays
  • Automated system for vacuum filtration to waste
  • Magnetic plate carrier for magnetic bead washing
  • Advanced online process controls for safety and reliability
  • Bubble sensor unit that ensures reliable buffer dispensing
  • Multipoint aspiration for flat bottom plates to achieve minimal residual volumes
  • Individual software control of speed settings and wash head positions
  • Suitable for integration onto Freedom EVO and Freedom EVOlyzer workstations
  • Excellent reliability and low service costs