Leisegang Colposcopes

Leisegang Colposcopes

All Leisegang colposcopes have the following features:

  • Convergent optical beam path for fatigue-free work
  • Vivid, 3D image
  • 300 mm working distance
  • LED lighting:

With a colour temperature of 5,700-6,000 Kelvin for excellent contrast
With a lighting strength of 45,000-52,000 Lux (at a working distance of 300mm)
Only 10 W power consumption

The lamps have a long lifetime and therefore do not need to be replaced

Continuously variable adjustment

  • Green filter for observation of blood vessels
  • Compensation for myopia and hyperopia through adjustable oculars
  • Standard colour Grey white (RAL 9002);

Also available in all colours within the RAL colour system

  • All Leisegang colposcopes are class 1 medical devices. Excluding angle device

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