Milex®Wide-Seal Diaphragms

Milex®Wide-Seal Diaphragms

Milex®Wide-Seal Diaphragms Latex-free brand of choice

Proven Performance For Over 40 Years

  • Full line of latex-free, hypoallergenic silicone vaginal diaphragms.
  • Wide-Seal provides increased suction for added protection.
  • Durable, autoclavable fitting kits and diaphragms.

“True Fit” Technology

  • Available in both Arcing Style and OmniFlex Style, assuring the flexibility needed for both ease-of-use and comfortable fit.
  • Both styles available in 8 sizes (60-95mm in 5mm increments).
  • Combined with the uniqueWide-Seal, Milex Diaphragms offer your patients a true fit.

Features and Benefits

  • Hypoallergenic, silicone diaphragms with a unique wide seal.
  • Autoclavable fitting kit.
  • Eight sizes for true fit.
  • Easy-to-use Omniflex style or Arcing style.
  • Distortion-free and Cadmium-free tension coil.

Ordering Codes

Milex Wide-Seal Arcing-Style Diaphragm
Tension adjusted spring curves in one place

MXWSFS Arcing-Style Diaphragm Fitting Set *includes these 5 sizes
MXWS60 Arcing-Style Diaphragm 60mm*
MXWS65 Arcing-Style Diaphragm 65mm*
MXWS70 Arcing-Style Diaphragm 70mm*
MXWS75 Arcing-Style Diaphragm 75mm*
MXWS80 Arcing-Style Diaphragm 80mm*
MXWS85 Arcing-Style Diaphragm 85mm*
MXWS90 Arcing-Style Diaphragm 90mm
MXWS95 Arcing-Style Diaphragm 95mm

Milex Wide-Seal OmniFlex-Style Diaphragm
Distortion-free spring provides arc no matter where the rim is compressed

MXWFFS OmniFlex-Style Diaphragm Fitting Set *includes these 5 sizes
MXWF60 OmniFlex-Style Diaphragm 60mm*
MXWF65 OmniFlex-Style Diaphragm 65mm*
MXWF70 OmniFlex-Style Diaphragm 70mm*
MXWF75 OmniFlex-Style Diaphragm 75mm*
MXWF80 OmniFlex-Style Diaphragm 80mm*
MXWF85 OmniFlex-Style Diaphragm 85mm*
MXWF90 OmniFlex-Style Diaphragm 90mm
MXWF95 OmniFlex-Style Diaphragm 95mm