OMOM® Capsule Endoscopy System

OMOM® Capsule Endoscopy System

With more than a million capsules used to date globally OMOM® is well placed to understand these requirements, and the latest ground-breaking innovation in their product portfolio is the VUE™ capsule endoscopy reporting platform.
VUE™ has been built from the ground up in collaboration with end users, harnessing a wealth of clinical experience from around the world to create a truly user centred platform. The result is a system that combines a simplified, more intuitive interface that supports easier workflow management, and a dramatically improved user experience.
In addition, the latest generation OMOM® capsule provides an advanced optical design that incorporates Speedsense™ adaptive frame rate technology, adjusting according to patient motility to ensure high quality diagnostic output.

Key features include:

• Intuitive VUE™ reporting platform
Feature rich, user focused software supporting rapid and accurate image review

• Advanced Optical Design
Upgraded image sensor, wider field of view and Speedsense™ adaptive frame rate technology (2 – 6 FPS)

• Real-time image viewer
Live image playback to support efficient and effective decision making

• Lightweight ergonomic belt design
Wireless functionality assists with patient comfort and set-up simplicity

• Small and Compact
Measuring only 11mm x 25.4mm, the compact capsule design supports patient comfort
The new system provides users with an unbeatable blend of cutting edge diagnostic capability, user friendly design and value to suit your budget.


OMOM Capsule 2 • Advanced MEMS Image Sensor
• Dimension 25.4 mm * 11 mm
• Weight 4.5 g
• Record Time > 10 hours
Antenna & Data Recorder • Wireless Transmission
• Auto Pairing with Capsule
• Real-time View
Image Station Software • Quick View
• Split-View
• Multi-View up to 15 windows
• Image Enhancement
• Suspected GI Bleeding Detection
• RGB Imaging Colour Enhancement
• Landmark
• Diagnosis Atlas
• Report
• Export Image Sequence
• Lite Version

OMOM® Capsule Endoscopy System (PDF)