See Clear

See Clear

The Easiest Solution for a Smoke-Free Laparoscopic Procedure

The SeeClear® Max™ (green filter housing) and SeeClear® XCL™ (pink filter housing) are passive disposable multi-stage filter systems. The ULPA filter traps smoke, particulates and aerosolized pathogens. An activated charcoal membrane absorbs odours and chemical toxins.

The elevated intraperitoneal pressure pushes out the smoke, etc. along with the CO2. No vacuum pump is required – it functions silently. No extra tubing – one easy connection.

Flow rates are pre-set to optimize smoke removal without losing pneumoperitoneum

  • Maintains clear field of vision
  • No involvement after easy setup
  • Optimal flow rate is pre-set, maintaining pneumoperitoneum
  • Traps smoke and aerosolized pathogens
  • Absorbs odours and chemical toxins

Ordering Codes

Product Number Description
SC062500 SeeClear MAX (green filter housing)
Maximum flow rate 6.0 liters/min at 15 mmHG pressure differential
SC082500 SeeClear XCL (pink filter housing)
Maximum Flow Rate 8.0 liters/min at 15 mmHG pressure differential