WiSAP Cold Coagulator

WiSAP Cold Coagulator

The CERVIX-COAGULATOR is an electrothermal system used exclusively for the treatment of benign Erythroplakia, Portio Endometriosis, Ovula Nabothi, Chronic Cervicitis and for Haemostasis after conization.

A variety of therapy probes have been developed for the different therapeutic applications. The system has been successfully used in the market for over 10 years.

The therapy probes can be autoclaved at 134 °C.

Coagulation at 60-120°C.

Painless procedure during consultation.

Exact control of depth penetration.

Odourless procedure.

Rapid healing without disturbing discharge.

Patient does not have any contact with electricity.

Duration of treatment is less than one minute.

No postoperative cervical scarring.

(Available in United Kingdom)

Meta-analysis of the efficacy of cold coagulation as a treatment me..