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JOBST Comprifore

JOBST Comprifore multi-layer bandage kit contains all the components needed for adequate compression in the treatment of venous leg ulcers, providing sustained, graduated compression of 40mmHg.


Foam rubber pad. JOBST Foam is designed to evenly distribute the pressure from compression stockings or bandages over bony prominences. With its latex-free formulation JOBST Foam is available as a foam rubber kidney-shaped pad.

JOBST Surgical Vest

Post-operative compression garment. The JOBST Surgical Vest is designed in luxuriously soft fabric, to enhance patient comfort and satisfaction. Patient comfort is of paramount importance, particularly during post-operative recovery. Discomfort is one of the key reasons why patients fail to wear their garments regularly. This, in turn, can affec...

JOBST Tensopress

High compression extensible bandage (Type 3C). Tensopress delivers measured, safe, sub-bandage pressure for the treatment of venous leg ulcers by increasing blood flow velocity and improving venous return. Made from a cotton viscose mix, it's soft edges prevent “cutting in” and its high cotton content reduces the risk of irritation o...

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